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Moments to Smile About

Identify with any of these funny moments in your musical experiences with children? Smile...and lighten up your day, from the "mouths of babes!"

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Games and Activies

Put some cheers into your children's music activities with musical games, and competitions!

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Sugar Sticks

Ideas for theme nights, special promotions, and for just getting the "Ho,Hums," out of your teaching moments. Have fun!

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Leadership Tips

Helps for training and motivating teachers, volunteers, and yourself! Tips for making the hard tasks easier.

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Ideas For Home School Music

Music resources that are simple to use, yet stimulating and hands on for your children. Designed for non-musical parents who want music appreciation for their home schooled kids.

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Ask Anita

Do you have questions, comments, or ideas you would like to share with Anita. Ask her now!

Musical Note of the Week from Anita!

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    Ever feel relieved after all the Christmas programs are over? J …only to be overwhelmed at the thought of the New Year? There’s the challenge of re-enlisting attendees, and replacing volunteer teachers, and oh, yeah, there’s a spring program to plan! Here are a few suggestions and thoughts to help you re-group, re-focus, and ignite that excitement needed for the New Year.

    • Take a few days off and don’t worry about it (and don’t feel guilty for not doing anything!)   read more….
    • Designate a day to sit down and let the creative and organization juices flow! (Gee, do those two words go together.)
    • Take a page of paper and write down all the items “to do,” all the creative ideas you would like to do…the ones you never had the guts or energy to get done, and then prioritize the “to dos,” and narrow the new ideas ones to several you think you can implement. Sometimes new ideas are more energizing than repeating old stuff!
    • Plan a big New Year Choir Kick Off! Some of my favorites:
      • Picture yourself in January. (Take a huge group pic the first night back in January and duplicate these pics and give to children the subsequent week. If kids come two weeks in a row, they are well on their way to a good attendance habit.
      • Jammin’ in January! Let everyone come and wear their Jam’s (PJ’s or surfin shorts!)